In 1981,  when Lt Col MD Singh retired after 21 years in the army he decided to put his time to good use. He focused his energies on his ambition and thus was born Zodiac Printers with a single letterpress. He soon built a dynamic and sustainable business that is now known as Zodiac Reprographics that still thrives on his principles. Today, a generation later we focus on the same values of innovation and client-centricity. We acquire and only use the latest and most efficient technology systems for the richest prints that fulfill a client’s needs. We have pioneered several print techniques and successfully delivered new and challenging assignments of a very high standard in a time-bound manner. For us, success lies in the client’s success. When they effectively communicate with their audience and we become the promoter of it, we know we have done a good job. In return, we have earned the trust of several national and international clients who always seek us for their branding projects. And we are always grateful for every opportunity we get to be part of someone’s brand story!