Welcome to the golden age of branding.

Today, there are umpteen ways, more than ever, for businesses to create their niches in the marketplace & connect directly to the ‘right’ customers.

The history of branding goes way back, centuries ago.

The art of branding evolved as an art form in the 1500s. It took a major shift in the 19th & 20th century when industrial and technological advancements happened.

Brands have learned to stand out in a world of clutter & found ways to grab the eyes of their audience. Knowing how brands in the past stood out, can help inspire you to improve your branding!

Since the beginning,  branding was all about making your mark. Figuratively & literally. In the beginning, cattle were branded to mark ownership. They were distinct & easily identifiable.

In the 18th & 19th Century, US & Europe came up with new manufacturing processes. With this came the Trademark.

A trademark consists of words, symbols & colours legally registered by use as representing a company or product.

During this era, brands made use of the print like anything. The print gave brands a space where they could use words, logos, & images to differentiate themselves. Ads were mostly informative & product descriptive.

The 20th Century was when brands became LOUD. With the coming of Radio, Billboards & product packaging, brands became more versed with creating targeted messages & catchphrases. Think BIG was the mantra.

As brands evolved, they needed to be refreshing every time to cater to an ever-growing field.

Today, advertisers have more power than ever & are largely becoming data-driven. Brand reputation isn’t only word of mouth anymore- it’s word of review. The power of social media outdoes TV & Print advertising.

This is the time to make your mark in the history of branding.

With our help at Zodiac, let’s create long standing branding for your product.

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